Uğur Akagündüz

Artist / Engineer


Uğur Akagündüz is a sound artist/engineer who holds a master's degree in sound engineering and design - MIAM and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering both from Istanbul Technical University.

His practice as both a performer/composer and an engineer comprises a range of fields, including acoustics, sound design, audio recording, music production, performance, and improvisation.

He has performed in many venues and prominent festivals in Istanbul, often in collaboration with contemporary dancers and sound artists, a founding member of the improvisation ensemble powTheNoise. A member of the music duo Maiada. ​

He is the audio director/music producer of the national culture TV channel TRT2 since 2018. As a sound designer, he participates in feature films and advertisement projects since 2012. ​

Uğur is one of the co-founders of the acoustical consulting and design firm AKUSTİKA. He works collaboratively with architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, musicians, and local authorities to discuss and agree on acoustic project objectives. He has been involved in many projects including airport buildings, radio TV, music hall, residential developments, performing arts spaces, and offices.